Travel mugs today lack proper functionality, simplicity of use, and basic safety for your drink. Through this redesign of the travel mug, I underwent user research, specifically observations and testing of how people would comfortably use a mug.
This is a project that I am working on in collaboration with an architecture firm in Cambridge to contribute to a teen hangout space. The project involves empowering teenagers to put together modular furniture, customizing everything from fabric, color of wood, and type of seat.
After receiving my plasma training, I have been working to make chairs that connect to scaffolding. By taking advantage of the current clamps that exist with scaffolding, I plan to create a chair that can attach to this structure and easily hold someone's weight while staying up in the air. In OnShape, I have planned out the radius to which each bend of sheet metal needs and how much space it will take, in addition to the dimensions of the sheet I would need to plasma cut.

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